...On a mission to make coffee fun again!

Whether you're pairing our coffees with a nice country breakfast, backyard "glamping," or, simply savoring a nice cup all by itself as a savory "pick-me-up," we truly hope and believe that you will agree that our single origin Cackalacky® Bourbon Pecan Pie Coffee and Cackalacky® Devil's Trampin' Grounds Coffee may make one of the tastiest and most memorable cups of Joe that you’ve ever experienced.

Like our sauces, snack nuts, and beer offerings, we work very closely with one of the very best FAIR TRADE coffee importers and SCA-certified coffee roasters right here in North Carolina to create our unique signature micro-batch Cackalacky® Coffee roasts and flavors that bring out the best in our very special beans!

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Cackalacky® Bourbon Pecan Pie Medium Roast Beans (Flavored) Origin: Peru

Cackalacky® Bourbon Pecan Pie Medium Roast Beans DECAF (Flavored) Origin: Central America and Brazil

Cackalacky® Devil's Trampin' Grounds Dark Roast Beans (Unflavored) Honduras

Why New World Beans?
It's really a matter of preference, but...  In very broad strokes, we simply gravitate toward relatively mildly acidic and/or balanced Arabica coffee beans that hail from South America and Central America - which tend to lend themselves well to both flavored and unflavored coffees.

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