To Whom Much Is Given...

Thanks to your awesome support of the Cackalacky® Brand over the years, we are occasionally able to "pay it forward" and help others. Here are a few of our favorite local causes...

★ CORA Food Pantry
Through food drives and fun projects like our Cackalacky® Beer collaboration, we have had the unique opportunity to help raise food and funds and awareness for our local friends at CORA Food Pantry.  To learn more about how *you* can help feed our neighbors in need, please visit

Don't live nearby?  Please visit and plug in your zip code to find your closest food bank. Every little bit helps! 

★ Chatham Arts Council

Chatham County - the awesome place where Cackalacky, Inc. is headquartered - is home to an astonishing number of artists and arts appreciators. The Chatham Arts Council's mission is to nurture creative thinkers right here in Chatham County.

The Chatham Arts Council focuses on doing two unique things - and doing them really well:

And, thanks to your support of the Cackalacky® Brand, we are able to help fund Chatham Arts Council's Artists-in-Schools Initiative!

Puppeteer Tarish “Jeghetto” Pipkins is one of a group of artists offering virtual arts workshops for students at Woods Charter School as part of the Chatham Arts Council’s Artists-in-Schools ONLINE Initiative, powered by Cackalacky. The Artists-in-Schools Initiative, in partnership with Chatham County Schools, has been bringing professional artists into Chatham schools to sup-port math, science, language, and history curricula since the 2015–2016 school year.

With COVID-19 stay at home orders, the CAC is bringing virtual artist performances to students in the comfort of their own homes. Jeghetto will be weaving history and social studies curricula into his performance and educational video for fourth- through eighth-grade students.
Check out Jeghetto’s video, and all virtual Artists-in-Schools videos (including Black Box Dance Theatre, Diali Cissokho, John Brown’s “Little” Big Band, and more from North Carolina Arts in Action) at:

To learn more about these highly motivated people, please visit