Yep. You heard right! We've teamed up with a few of NC's finest craft brewers o'er the years to create some very exciting Cackalacky® "emboldened" craft beer interpretations! Cackalacky® Ginger Pale Ale, Cackalacky® Spiced Irish Rye...

And, most recently, we've teamed up with our Famously Original® friends at Tobacco Wood Brewing Co. to bring you Cackalacky® Southern Pale Ale - a straight-forward, easy drinking, pale ale that's packed with home grown goodness.

Cackalacky Beer
Brewed with a variety of American hops and locally sourced specialty grains - this unique brew combines traditional Southern charm with a modern craft beer palate. 

Beer Style: Pale Ale - American 

ABV: 5%

IBU: 35

Malt: The base malt for this Cackalacky® Southern Pale Ale is pilsner, with our specialty grains sourced from Epiphany Malt in Durham, North Carolina. Specialties include Triticale (10%), Bruehmalt and Munich Malt (each 5%).

Hops: Cascade and Chinook hops for flavor and aroma - which yields a pleasantly fruity (citrus) hop profile with a hint of pine and soft floral notes

About Tobacco Wood Brewing Co.
Headquartered in Oxford, NC, Tobacco Wood Brewing Company is North Carolina’s first and only female veteran owned and operated brewery. With taproom locations in Oxford and Durham, NC TWBC has provided a fun, inviting and inclusive atmosphere for craft beer lovers from all over the region since 2018. TWBC won a Gold Medal for its Imperial Stout – The Moose™ - at the Great American Beer Festival in 2021. 
Where to find?
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