Yep. You heard right! We've teamed up with a few of NC's finest craft brewers o'er the years to create some very exciting Cackalacky® "emboldened" craft beer interpretations! Cackalacky® Ginger Pale Ale, Cackalacky® Spiced Irish Rye...

And, most recently, we launched Cackalacky® Southern Pale Ale - a straight-forward, easy drinking, pale ale that's packed with home grown goodness.

Brewed with a variety of American hops and locally sourced specialty grains - this unique brew combines traditional Southern charm with a modern craft beer palate. 

Beer Style: Pale Ale - American 

ABV: 5%

IBU: 35

Malt: The base malt for this Cackalacky® Southern Pale Ale is pilsner, with our specialty grains sourced from Epiphany Malt in Durham, North Carolina. Specialties include Triticale (10%), Bruehmalt and Munich Malt (each 5%).

Hops: Cascade and Chinook hops for flavor and aroma - which yields a pleasantly fruity (citrus) hop profile with a hint of pine and soft floral notes

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