“With the values of Tradition, Innovation, and Fun at the heart of everything we do, we are on a mission to make the things that we like for the people you love!”

Around the turn of the century - at a time when the marketplace was flooded with lackluster ubiquitous multinational brands and the “local” and "craft" movements were still getting traction - we started out with a simple idea to create a premium hot sauce that represented “us” right here at home. So, that's exactly what we did. But, we didn't stop there...

Today, with a lot of help and support from our family, friends, brand partners and awesome folks like you, this lofty idea has bloomed into a full-blown lifestyle brand and locally sourced craft products that we can all be proud of.  Thank *you* for your awesome support!

    A Few Of The Things We Do… 
   ★ Pepper Sauces
   ★ BBQ Sauces
   ★ Seasonings
   ★ Snack Nuts
   ★ Craft Beer & Alcoholic Bitters
   ★ Specialty Coffees
   ★ Clothing & Outdoor Gear
   ★ Lip Balm & Self-Care Products
   ★ Stickers & Patches
   ★ Events & Sponsorships
   ★ Restaurant Food Service & Menu Items

The Cackalacky® Origin Story: A Tale of Tradition, Innovation, and Fun!

Our spicy Cackalacky® story began more than two decades ago with some friends and family standing around a campfire... We launched the company with a bottle of sauce, a bumper sticker, a t-shirt, a hat, and a whole lot of gumption. No one had ever used our now famous brand name in commerce before we came along, so we trademarked our Cackalacky® name and registered the domain Cackalacky.com

In the early days, we were cooking and bottling our stuff in our home kitchen and selling bottles to friends, family, and coworkers. After experiencing an initial demand for our sauce and steady growth in sales, we quickly outgrew our humble digs and started using a contract manufacturing facility to scale up production. We then hit the road doing demos, trade shows, and cooking competitions.

After years of sampling our wares all over the country (quite literally!) and making appearances in far-flung and highfalutin and places like Food Network, Comedy Central, NPR, ABC, The Washington Post, Southern Living, and Bon Appetit Magazine, the Cackalacky Brand name started to catch fire.

We gradually expanded our product line with innovative flavors like our Beer-B-Q® seasoning (which was featured on Food Network's "Barbecue with Bobby Flay," Episode BQ1B09, "Getting Sauced."), which later evolved into our best-selling Beer-B-Q ® Nuts. As the years rolled on, we added multiple "locally inspired" sauces, snack nuts, coffees, and various gear and merchandise and established notable partnerships with The Carolina Tar Heels ® and Cheerwine ®, and Biscuitville®.

These days, we continue to follow our passion for blending tradition with innovation and fun. As a matter of fact, this belief has become central to our day-to-day business philosophy as well as the common thread that binds us to our extraordinary fans & friends.

Your invited to help us write the next chapter in our Cackalacky® story and join our conversation on XitterInstagram, Facebook and Threads @Cackalacky! 
Thanks for your awesome support over the years & cheers to the next two decades!

A few of our "famously original" Cackalacky® logos from over the years...   


Cackalacky® Brand Moments In Sporting Events History!

 ★ Cackalacky® was selected to serve our sauces & barbecue at the NFL's Official Tailgate Party at Super Bowl XXXVIII in Houston, TX!

 ★ Cackalacky® sauces and snack nuts were selected to be served at the concession stands at the US Golf Association's 124th US Open in Pinehurst, NC!  

 ★ Cackalacky® makes the officially collegiate licensed barbecue sauce for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - and, our Carolina Tar Heels® BBQ Sauce is served at all Carolina Tar Heels® Athletics sporting venues & home games!

Your Cackalacky® Purchases Support Local Suppliers!

As you might imagine our big ideas outgrew our humble digs long ago… These days, when it comes to making all of our Famously Original® provisions & gear we rely on the help of a select group of small, independent, and local contractors, producers, printers, brewers, sauciers, roasters, bottlers, farmers, and suppliers from all over North Carolina.

More importantly, every Cackalacky® purchase that you make helps keep dozens of highly talented unsung heroes busy and employed around our state - from the Piedmont to the Coastal Plain and Mountain regions. And, this is something that we can all be proud of! 
A Few Of The Nice Places In NC Where Your Cackalacky® Purchase Dollars Go:

★ Sauces & Seasonings: Henderson
★ Coffees: Raleigh
★ Snacks: Henderson, Garysburg, Edenton
★ Ingredients: Salisbury, Colfax, Henderson, Selma, Zebulon, Oxford
★ Screen Printing & Embroidery: Greenville, Sanford
★ Printing: Durham, Winston Salem, Greenville
★ Outdoor Gear & Glassware: Greenville, Charlotte, Henderson
★ Food Sciences: Raleigh, Henderson
★ Legal: Chapel Hill, Charlotte
★ Freight Logistics: Durham
★ Shipping Materials: Ramseur
★ Warehousing: Pittsboro, Henderson