Famously Original™ Cackalacky™ "Mini Pig" Charcoal Grill

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The Famously Original™ Cackalacky™ "Mini Pig" Charcoal Grill

Show your Cackalacky® pride at home and on-the-go with the Famously Original™ Cackalacky™ "Mini Pig" Charcoal Grill! 

Custom-made from an up-cycled refrigerant tank, the "Mini Pig" is perfect for light-duty grilling on the go! The hand-welded steel construction ensures durability, while the expanded metal grate provides plenty of space for burgers, wings, or hot dogs to feed your crew.

The copper "stay cool" lid handle help prevent burns, and the smaller size lets you bring the grill with you wherever you go.

Portable charcoal grill made from a 410a refrigerant tank, the type of refrigerant in your home air conditioning system!

All welded solid construction, unique handmade hinges, these grills will last a long time.


★ The Famously Original™ Cackalacky™ "Mini Pig" Charcoal Grill is compact, light and easy for transport and ideal for decks, patios, camping, tailgating and more. Its cooking grate provides ample area for grilling your favorite foods in your favorite places!

★ Includes reinforced charcoal and cooking grates, and real copper handle.

★ The tank measures approximately 13"x10", cooking grate measures approximately 12"x9"

★ Handmade in the USA, FREE shipping in the USA.

★  Ships fully assembled!

★ Cackalacky® laser-cut stainless steel logo

★ Welded steel construction resists wear and tear

★ Expanded metal grate helps cook your food thoroughly

★ Easy cleaning due to the removable cook grate

★ Smaller size allows for easy transport

General Safety Instructions – Please Read Before Use!

  • Please read the user manual enclosed with your grill carefully and in full.
  • Always place your grill on a firm, flat, heat-resistant and non-flammable surface. Never place the grill in a tight space or where there is a lot of movement. grill
  • Please keep young children and pets away from your grill.
  • To protect your arms and hands when handling the hot grill, you should always use heat-resistant grilling mitts and good quality, long tools.
  • Special care should be taken when using oil on the grill. Oil should only be used if absolutely necessary and applied to the cooking grate using kitchen roll. Alternatively, you can spray the cooking grate with Non-Stick Spray. Previously marinated or oiled food should always be dabbed with kitchen roll to prevent the oil or marinade from dripping down and causing flames.
  • Be careful what you wear when grilling - easily flammable materials are not suitable for working on or around the grill! You should always wear a BBQ apron, as it will protect your clothing from heat and spattering fat.
  • Do not grill near flammable objects.
  • Never use water to extinguish flames.
  • Never cook in enclosed spaces (including the garage). All Cackalacky® grills are exclusively designed for outdoor use.
  • Lighter fluids are a safety risk, and it is best to avoid them altogether. You can use lighter cubes instead.
  • Use the Chimney Starter on the charcoal grate, not on the ground.
  • Smother the coals after grilling by closing the air vents and the lid damper.
  • Let the coal cool overnight and properly discard it after at least 12 hours.

Cackalacky, Inc. is not responsible for any damages, or, injury that may occur due to not following proper grilling safety guidelines.

Official Cackalacky™ Brand Gear: Accept No Substitutes.