Cackalacky® Bourbon Pecan Pie Coffee Beans

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Whole Bean? Or, Freshly Ground?

Cackalacky® Bourbon Pecan Pie-Spiced Coffee 12 oz bag (Roasted Whole Bean) 

About These Amazing Beans: We love really - REALLY - great roasted coffee! We love bourbon! And, we love pecan pie and spices! So... Bourbon Pecan Pie Spiced Roasted Cackalacky® Coffee Beans!

For our Bourbon Pecan Pie-Spiced Cackalacky® Coffee offering, we have combined the flavors of pecan pie (toasted nuts, dark brown sugar, and vanilla in a buttery crust), the essence of real Kentucky bourbon with a fantastic single-origin Honduras-grown Arabica beans selected and roasted specifically for lively Cackalacky® fare. ...Truly a very special beverage worthy of the most discerning palette!

Whether you're pairing with a nice country breakfast, backyard "glamping," or, simply savoring a nice cup all by itself, we truly hope and believe that you will agree that our Cackalacky® Bourbon Pecan Pie Coffee may be one of the finest and most memorable cups of brew that you’ve ever had. 

Bean Origin: Peru

Roasting Style: Signature "Cackalacky®" Medium Roast  

Roasted Bean Cupping Notes:
AROMA: Toasted Nuts, Caramelized Sugar (The perfect foundation for bourbon and pecan flavors!)
BODY: Round
FLAVOR: Chocolate, Caramel
ACIDITY: Balanced
AFTERTASTE: Smooth, Sweet

Processing Method: Washed (Or Wet) Coffee Processing

What Is 'Single Origin' Coffee?

  • Single-origin coffee comes from a single country or farm.
  • It’s different than mass-market coffee, which is generally a blend of beans from multiple regions to create a smooth, consistent flavor.
  • Single-origin coffee beans taste unique to the region in which they’re grown. That’s what makes them so special.
  • When you buy single-origin coffee, you’re supporting small farmers and sustainable growing techniques.

★ Locally roasted in our independent contract micro-roasting facility right here in Raleigh, North Carolina! (Learn more about our awesome Cackalacky® Brand Makers here!)

Cackalacky® and Famously Original®  are the registered trademarks of Cackalacky, Inc. 

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