Cackalacky Model Railroad
Donated by Caroline and Page Skelton - Cackalacky®, Inc.'s "Mom & Pop-preneur" founders, this very special model railroad is a travel destination unto itself for both young and, um, "mature" visitors alike! 

The Cackalacky® Railroad is a custom-built overhead G scale train located within the Gift Station at the Historic North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer, North Carolina and is constructed of more than 300' of brass track and stained oak scaffolding, tunnel and bridges. This marvelous exhibit undoubtedly secures the The Cackalacky® Railroad as the largest G scale overhead wooden suspension railroad in the entire state North Carolina!

Gift Station admission is FREE and visitors are encouraged to push the "start" button as often as you wish!


NC Transportation Museum
411 S. Salisbury Ave.
Spencer, NC 28159



Tuesday - Saturday: 9a - 5p

Sunday: Noon - 5p

Cackalacky® is the registered trademark of Cackalacky, Inc. TM © All rights reserved.