Cackalacky Jack

Around the turn of the century - at a time when the marketplace was flooded with lackluster multinational brands and the “local” and "craft" movements were still getting their shoes on - we had the simple idea to create a premium pepper sauce that represented “us” right here at home - the very birthplace of the American cookout tradition.

Our friends called our sauce, "Cackalacky" and the name stuck! No one had ever used our name in commerce before - so, we trademarked our freshly minted moniker and The Cackalacky® Brand was born!

With a great name and a great sauce recipe under our belt, we felt that we needed a proper mascot who captured the spirit of the brand at a glance. Enter Cackalacky® Jack - the smokin' hot pepper!

To this day, you can still purchase our Collector's Edition Cackalacky® Pepper Sauce and Cackalacky® Jack T-shirt that are adorned with our wonderfully whacky Cackalacky® Jack mascot logo!  
Cackalacky Jack T-shirt & Pepper Sauce Bottle
Fun Fact: As a nod to our humble beginnings and our spicy roots, our original Cackalacky® Jack mascot logo can still be found "hidden in plain sight" on the labels of all of our Famously Original® Cackalacky® Brand sauces, snacks, and coffee products - and beyond!

Cackalacky Jack Spiced Nuts

The Cackalacky® Jack Coloring Sheet!
Cackalacky Jack Coloring Sheet

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Cackalacky® and Famously Original® are the registered trademarks of Cackalacky, Inc.