Cackalacky® Gourmet Dark Roast Coffee Beans

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Cackalacky® Gourmet *Dark* Roast Coffee Beans - 12 oz bag (Roasted Whole Bean)

Roast level:

Tastes like:
Rich  |  Dark Chocolate  |  Toffee

Funny Name - Serious Brew!
We selected these particular beans – Arabica beans, grown in the highlands of Honduras - for their low acidity and superb balance and density. We then carefully roast them to deliciously dark perfection in small batches specifically for coffee lovers who might be seeking something a little more bold and off-the-beaten-path from their ordinary daily brew!

Bean Origin: Honduras

Roasting Style: Signature Cackalacky® Dark Roast

Roasted Bean Cupping Notes:
AROMA: Slightly Smokey, Toasted Nuts, Caramelized Sugar

BODY: Round

FLAVOR: Rich, Dark Chocolate, Toffee

ACIDITY: Balanced

AFTERTASTE: Smooth, Sweet

Processing Method:
Washed (Or, Wet) Coffee Processing

Where in the world do our beans come from?
Our Cackalacky® coffee beans hail from a collection of farms in the Montana de La Choca region of Honduras - located about 2 hours north of Tegucigalpa. A lot of these farms deal around the town of San Antonio de la Cuesta.

★ Locally roasted in our independent contract micro-roasting facility right here in Raleigh, North Carolina! (Learn more about our awesome Cackalacky® Brand Makers here!)

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