Cackalacky® *Super Extra Hot* Pepper Sauce Preamp-Boost Overdrive Guitar Pedal

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Cackalacky® *Super Extra Hot* Pepper Sauce Preamp-Boost Overdrive Guitar Pedal 

We've wired up a very small batch of these tasty Cackalacky® *Super Extra Hot* Pepper Sauce Preamp-Drive Boost guitar stompboxes! Get em' while you still can. This pedal will not be restocked.

 The purchase of this limited edition pedal also comes with a 5 oz bottle of our Cackalacky® *Super Extra Hot* Carolina Reaper Pepper Sauce and a laser-engraved Cackalacky® Guitar Pick!

About The Cackalacky® *Super Extra Hot* Pepper Sauce Preamp-Boost Overdrive Guitar Pedal:

The Cackalacky® Pepper Sauce Sauce pedal is a simplistically designed one-knob boost stompbox that offers more than what first meets the eye.

It is a volume boost pedal with onboard dual analog JFET transistors. The further the heat control is increased, the more volume boost is acquired - however, simultaneously the more the pedal's own JFET transistors add their own analog overdrive.

On solid state amps, this works very similarly to how tube amps warm-up and naturally overdrive as they are cranked - giving them a rich analog warmth. Used with tube amps, this pedal will push the pre-amp section and help warm the tubes into a rich natural overdrive, while at the same time gradually stacking its own onboard JFET drive, to create a luxuriously thick, rich and warm drive that sounds HOT!

This dynamic, natural boost and drive pedal is hand soldered, hand-wired, and hand-finished. It uses high-quality components, with true bypass when in the 'off' position.

High-Quality Components: 

  • Genuine dual 2n5457 JFET's
  • Audio Grade, LESR Panasonic® Capacitors throughout
  • Metal Film resistors throughout
  • Neutric jack sockets
  • Genuine Hammond® enclosures, hand-sanded, buffed, drilled, painted and finished with several coats of cured clear coat lacquer
  • Alpha potentiometers
  • Authentic 'Taiwan Blue' 3PDT footswitches
  • Point-to-Point hand-soldered throughout, including all components and offboard wiring
  • True bypass, with standard 9volt power operation

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