Cackalacky® Cookout-In-A-Box!

Famously Original™ Cackalacky® Cookout-In-A-Box!

All of our Famously Original™ "traditional plus" Cackalacky® sauces, snack nuts, and coffee together in the convenience of one order! 

From pre-dinner snacks, to "the main attraction," to after-dinner coffee - our Cackalacky® Cookout-In-A-Box gives you just about all of the ingredients for a good time! 

★ Cackalacky® Sweet Cheerwine® Sauce 16 oz. Jar
★ Cackalacky® Secret Sauce® Sauce 16 oz. Jar
★ Cackalacky® Bold Gold™ Sauce 16 oz. Jar
★ Cackalacky® Pepper Sauce 5 oz. Bottle
★ Cackalacky® Beer-B-Q® Nuts 12 oz. Can
★ Cackalacky® Spiced Nuts 12 oz. Can
★ Cackalacky® Bourbon Pecan Pie-Spiced Coffee

Fun Fact: Each of our Cackalacky® sauces are uniquely delicious all by themselves of course. But, did you also know that you can also mix them together for truly amazing results?! ...Especially tumbled with grilled Chicken wings and thighs!
Item Descriptions:

★ Cackalacky® Cheerwine® Sweet Sauce
We believe that most folks agree that Cackalacky® eats are always best enjoyed with friends and proper drink. And, in the case of Cheerwine®, we actually took this maxim *quite literally* by developing a sweet 'n savory "tomato-based" dipping-grilling sauce & marinade that's actually made with the original Cheerwine® secret formula and our secret Cackalacky® spice blend.  ...A "legendary handshake between lively Southern food and drink" if you will.  

Learn all about our amazing friends at Cheerwine® here!

★ Cackalacky® Bold Gold™ 
An all-natural blend of select mustard seeds, apple cider vinegar, cane sugar, and Cackalacky® “secret spices,” Cackalacky® Bold Gold™ is a savory complement to traditional Carolina cookout fare such as pork barbecue, slaw, and baked beans. Cackalacky® Bold Gold™ pairs especially well as a dipping sauce and topping with everyday family menu items like burgers, fries, wings, and hotdogs.

★ Cackalacky® Secret Sauce® 
Brewed under a closely guarded veil of discretion in the heart of North Carolina, Cackalacky® Secret Sauce™ is our unique interpretation of traditional RED HOT “vinegar style” Carolina sauce - whose origins date back hundreds of years!

Our piquant all-natural blend is a masterful-yet-simple interfusion of artisanal apple cider vinegar, select chile peppers, and “secret Cackalacky® spices” and pairs particularly well with customary regional favorites such as barbecue pork & ribs, grilled chicken, and collard greens.

Our Cackalacky® Secret Sauce® also makes a wonderful “home-style” mignonette for oysters as well as a delightful slaw dressing when paired with chopped cabbage and mayonnaise. 

★ Cackalacky® Pepper Sauce
An all-natural blend of fiery chile peppers and our Famously Original® Secret Spices, Cackalacky® Pepper Sauce is a nicely spicy complement to traditional cookout fare such as pork barbecue, fried chicken, slaw, and baked beans.

Weighing in at an approachable 3-3500 Scoville Heat Units, Cackalacky® Pepper Sauce flavor profile pairs especially well as a dipping sauce and topping with everyday family menu items like burgers, biscuits, wings, fries, omelets, tacos, and pizza.

★ Cackalacky® Spiced Nuts
Our Cackalacky® Spiced Nuts are super extra-large kiln-roasted NC-grown peanuts that are seasoned to perfection with the same fiery blend of award-winning secret ingredients that we use to make our Famously Original™ Cackalacky® Spice Sauce.

★ Cackalacky® Beer-B-Q® Nuts 
Cackalacky® Beer-B-Q® Seasoned Peanuts are super extra-large kiln-roasted NC-grown peanuts that are lightly sweetened with real beer flavor and finished off with our secret blend of Cackalacky® barbecue spices.

★ Cackalacky® Bourbon Pecan Pie-Spiced Coffee
For our Bourbon Pecan Pie-Spiced Cackalacky™ Coffee offering, we have combined the flavors of pecan pie (toasted nuts, dark brown sugar, and vanilla in a buttery crust), the essence of real Kentucky bourbon with a fantastic single-origin Honduras-grown Arabica beans selected and roasted specifically for lively Cackalacky® fare. ...Truly a very special beverage worthy of the most discerning palette!

Whether you're pairing with a nice country breakfast, backyard "glamping," or, simply savoring a nice cup all by itself, we truly hope and believe that you will agree that our Cackalacky Bourbon Pecan Pie Coffee may be one of the finest and most memorable cups of brew that you’ve ever had. 

*Roasted specifically for Cackalacky® in an award-winning independent contract micro-roasting facility in Raleigh, North Carolina! (Learn more about our awesome Cackalacky® Makers here!) 

Roasting Style: Signature "Cackalacky®" Medium Roast  

Nutrition Information:

Cackalacky® Cheerwine® Sweet Sauce 
Cackalacky® Bold Gold™ Sauce
Cackalacky® Secret Sauce
Cackalacky® Pepper Sauce
Cackalacky® Spiced Nuts
Cackalacky® Beer-B-Q® Nuts