Cackalacky® Booze Bait® "Cork & Cap" Fishing Lure

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Copied by many, this is THE Famously Original Booze Bait® "Cork & cap" fishing lure - as featured in The Washington Post, Boating Magazine, The World Fishing Network, The Raleigh News & Observer, and beyond! 

Cackalacky® Booze Bait® up-cycled wine cork ‘n bottle cap fishing lures are a fun gift for any serious angler, lure collector, wine snob, and craft beer lover! And, yes!  They really work, too!

Each Cackalacky® Booze Bait® is handmade in the USA from eco-friendly recycled wine corks & bottle caps and comes with a set of "How To" instructions, a swivel attachment, and a clear tackle box-friendly clam-shell case. (Colors and corks vary)

The original "cork & cap" lure design! Patent applied for with U.S. Patent And Trademark Office.

"This is an interesting little lure!  ...I almost pierced my nose!"
- Robert Stephens, Editor - Boating Magazine​

"Drinking and fishing finally mix safely!"
- World Fishing Network​

"...Consider the Booze Bait Lure Co. of Chapel Hill, N.C. Seriously."
- The Washington Post​

- Someone named TJ

"My second cast I caught a bass. I'm hooked. Thank you!"
- Captain John, Mago Point Marina, Waterford, CT

"That is incredible. Or, incredibly ridiculous. Or, both."
- Tim W., Cleveland, OH

"Yes, a cork and beer bottle cap can catch bass."
- The Raleigh News & Observer

"You have introduced a new paradigm to fishing that I am still trying to get my head around. Nice Bass!"
- J.W., Troutville, VA

"I can't decide whether to let my husband use the Booze Bait to go fishing, or whether it should dangle from the kitchen light fixture where it makes me giggle....hard choice! We love it!"
- Anne F., Raleigh, NC

"If you have ever wondered if a particular fishing lure was made to catch fish or to catch fishermen, consider the Booze Bait and judge for yourself. ...It's got to win Best of Show for the new products."
- Vernon Delpesce, The Crazy Fisherman

"I tried it out on my pond and I hooked a 2 lb bass on my first cast, so I know it works."
- Ken White, Professional Outdoor Writers, Stockton, MO

"Every time I think I have seen it all, someone comes up with something that looks like something I gotta' have."
- Mel, Somewhere in Idaho

"Originally made as gag gifts for friends, Booze Bait has developed into a ‘must have’ for many fishermen and they are developing a reputation for catching fish."
- Captain Jerry Dilsaver, Outdoor Writer & Pro Guide, Carolina Coast Online

"When Susan and I were in the [Cackalacky® Company Store] last week we bought gifts for our sons for Father's Day and I was treated a bit myself. One of the things we purchased was a Booze Bait as I love top water fishing. I am going to send a picture of one of the five bass I caught using it the other night, but the biggest bass threw the hook right at the side of the boat and it was real nice! We have always love Cackalacky and now more than ever!"
- Rob Reda, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Want a *FREE Booze Bait®?
Send us 50 - or, more - "Grade A" (i.e., minimal damage) wine corks and/or bottle caps and we'll send you a Booze Bait® in the mail for FREE!

Send your recycled corks and bottle caps to this address:
Cackalacky, Inc.
P.O. Box 605
Pittsboro, NC 27312

*Free Booze Bait® offer is limited to one person per year, please. We reserve the right to refuse any free lure. Wine corks and bottle caps must be in excellent condition & etc. (E.g., no broken/damaged wine corks, bent bottle caps, etc., please.)   

Cackalacky®, Famously Original®  and Booze Bait® are the registered trademarks of Cackalacky, Inc.   

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