Cackalacky® Beer-B-Q® Seasoning & Rub 2.3 oz. Jar

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Cackalacky® Beer-B-Q Seasoning & Rub 2.3 oz. Jar

*Includes plastic shaker flip top

Sweetened with real beer flavor and finished off with our secret blend of Cackalacky® barbecue spices, this is the same Famously Original® flavor that we use on our Beer-B-Q® Seasoned nuts!

Cackalacky® Beer-B-Q® Fun Fact: Originally launched as a grill seasoning and barbecue rub in the early 2000's, we debuted our Cackalacky® Beer B-Q® flavor on the national stage in 2005 on Food Network's "Barbecue with Bobby Flay." (Episode BQ1B09, "Getting Sauced.")

Cackalacky® Beer-B-Q® flavor profile pairs especially well as a seasoning, rub, and garnish with everyday family menu items like wings, fries, omelets, tacos, popcorn, and pizza!

Pairing Suggestions:

★ Wings
★ Tacos
★ Cocktails
★ Omelets
★ Seafood
★ Salads
★ Pizza
★ Burgers
★ Chili
★ Party Dips
★ Fries & Tater Tots
★ Popcorn

Cackalacky® and Famously Original® are the registered trademarks of Cackalacky, Inc. 

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