Brent Little Engineer of Que
Brent Little
- Engineer Of Que
Memphis, TN
Ambassador's Bio:

Brent Little AKA "Engineer Of Que" grew up in rural NC helping his family with their volunteer fire department BBQs.  He is a Mechatronics Engineer by schooling from NCSU. When he moved to Memphis in 2013 - he joined a Memphis in May team (The Pig Diamonds) and has worked his way to being the head pitmaster.  

A few notable achievements along the way: 

2019 BarbarosBBQ Guest Chef - SP, Brazil

2021 Johnsonville Tongsman Champion

2022 Memphis in May Champion Mustard Sauce

2023 Memphis in May (6 top 20 categories including ) Exotic -  2nd Place, Perfect Score

Brent combines his passion for BBQ with engineering mindset.   He enjoys spending time with family and coaching his kids sports teams.


“When I saw there was a Cheerwine® BBQ sauce - immediately I had to try it and was hooked.  The Cheerwine® BBQ Sweet Sauce drew me in, but the Cackalacky® Secret Sauce® brings me back to Carolina with every bite.  Proud to be part of the team “

Instagram Handle: @EngineerOfQue