Cackalacky® Jar Carpenter Bee Trap

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Carpenter bee trap featuring Cackalacky® drinking jar

Carpenter bees are a destructive nuisance that dig nesting holes through fascia boards, decks, and other wood structures. Although they aren’t dangerous, they do a *lot* of damage when they take up residence.  

How does the trap work?

  • The trap mimics a standard nest
  • Bees enter the trap thinking it's a good place to stay
  • Once they enter the trap, the only light source is through the glass jar at the bottom of the trap
  • Bees then enter the container
  • Bees are stuck in the container unable to get out

- Made locally by Stephan Meyers A.K.A. "Breadfoot" - traveling singer-songwriter, storyteller, Jack-of-many-trades *and* all 'round good person. Learn more about Breadfoot here:

- Functional folk art

- Sturdy construction - made from long-lasting cedar

- An environmentally friendly way to rid your home of damage-causing pests - without pesticides 

 Official Cackalacky® Brand Gear: Accept No Substitutes.  

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