Original Cackalacky® Spice Sauce *PRIVATE RESERVE* - Glass 1 Gal. "Hooch" Jug

Original Cackalacky® Spice Sauce *PRIVATE RESERVE* - 1 Gal. "Family Reunion" Size Glass "Hooch" Jug

Our Private Reserve glass "hooch" jugs The perfect gift for our diehard fans of our Famously Original™ Cackalacky® Spice Sauce!

Made with our famously original blend of sweet potatoes and secret spices, this is the fiery Southern sauce that helped us introduce the Cackalacky® Brand to The Free World! Perfect as a dressing, dip, topping, and marinade!

Pairing Suggestions:
★ Wings 
★ Burgers
★ Baked Beans
★ Omelets  
★ Baked Salmon
★ Oysters
★ Pizza
★ Steak
★ Soup & Chili  
★ Steak

Nutritional Information:

Cackalacky® Spice Sauce