The Bottle Royale! Cackalacky® Tomato vs. Vinegar Sauce Variety 2-Pack

The Bottle Royale! Cackalacky® Tomato vs. Vinegar Sauce Variety 2-Pack

With a nod toward tradition and a poke at convention, these are two of our Cackalacky® reinterpretations of the fabled - and quite often contentious - "tomato" and "vinegar" based barbecue sauce styles that can be found in our neck o' the woods:  

★ Cackalacky® Sweet Cheerwine® Sauce 16 oz. [TOMATO]
★ Cackalacky® Secret Sauce™ 16 oz. [VINEGAR]

Fun Fact: Each of our Cackalacky® sauces are uniquely delicious all by themselves of course. But, did you also know that you can also mix them together for truly amazing results?! These two sauce lend themselves particularly well to pork barbecue and grilled Chicken wings & thighs!

Sauce Flavor Descriptions:

★ Cackalacky® Sweet Cheerwine® Sauce [TOMATO]
We believe that most folks agree that Cackalacky® eats are always best enjoyed with friends and proper drink. And, in the case of Cheerwine®, we actually took this maxim *quite literally* by developing a sweet 'n savory "tomato based" dipping-grilling sauce & marinade that's actually made with the original Cheerwine® secret formula and our secret Cackalacky® spice blend.  ...A "legendary handshake between lively Southern food and drink" if you will.

★ Cackalacky® Secret Sauce™ [VINEGAR]
Brewed under a closely guarded veil of discretion in the heart of North Carolina, Cackalacky Secret Sauce™ is our unique interpretation of traditional RED HOT “vinegar style” Carolina sauce - whose origins date back hundreds of years!

Our piquant all-natural blend is a masterful-yet-simple interfusion of artisanal apple cider vinegar, select chile peppers, and “secret Cackalacky® spices” and pairs particularly well with customary regional favorites such as barbecue pork & ribs, grilled chicken, and collard greens. Cackalacky Secret Sauce™ also makes a wonderful “home-style” mignonette for oysters as well as a delightful slaw dressing when paired with chopped cabbage and mayonnaise.

Nutritional Information:

Cackalacky® Cheerwine® Sweet Sauce

Cackalacky® Secret Sauce™